SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
SEO – The key to Search Engine Optimisation

Google searches account for 90% of the searches in the UK so this is the obvious one to pay attention to, this is called SEO.

One way to assist this is to advertise and this can be a catalyst to boasting your visitors!

Web Advertising?

I too share your concern about Advertising in general but this is a lot more measurable than most types. The idea that there was no long term commitment and you are able to control what you spend are also plus points.

Basically you can set any amount of spend on the advertising. £10 to £30 a day might be a good place to start. Search adverts need to be created with some key phrases. These will display when people search for this type of thing. You only pay when people click on your advert.

Google Adsense example
Adverts highlighted with flashing overlay

How effective you ads are and the cost depend on 3 main things. How much in demand the phrases are. How relevant the advert is to those phrases. Also how relevant the page on your website it to the phrases.

Geo Fencing

One of the conditions to show your advert can be the location (Geo).

This can be either where the person is located (or the location they are looking for).

This is not very accurate so something like a 5 or 8 mile radius would be needed.


With this type of advertising you can get business noticed more. You can see the clicks you pay for and measure the increased traffic to your website.

This should then result in more business for you but you have to have the basics of the business sorted!

Bottom Line

The internet is increasingly important to business and it is an area where you could punch above your weight.

Geo Fencing details

SEO - Geo Fencing
SEO – Geo Fencing, the art of targeting and area

Always difficult to discern serious customers and those just browsing but this is about raising the profile and looking more creditable. There are safeguards, for example, against someone repeatedly coming back. This is monitored and those clicks not charged. The key here is the ip address.

As you may know in order for you to see a website it’s server has to send you the information that makes up the page you are looking at. It does this by sending the information to your ip address. This ip address is also the key to your location.

Basically using a look up table it can be determined roughly where you are. It is not 100% accurate. It does not use three satellites like a car navigation. Sometimes the tables are wrong (…and you can even fool the system if you know how to do this).

You can check it out yourself by doing a web search for “What is my ip address”. A list of sites will pop up which will tell you the number and many will estimate where it thinks you are…

Geo Fencing will reference your customers ip address and will only serve adverts to them if it fits the look-up of your location.

Controlling the Budget

On the cost side you set a figure. There is a bidding process which you can control.
You can get it so your budget is maintained. If your clicks are working out too high a cost for the daily budget it will reduce the bid down and even turn it off for the day.
It will learn what happened and the next day start at a lower or higher figure. Over the week it will on average not go over your budget.

Setting up the text adverts and keywords

SEO - The key to Search Engine OptimisationThis is more a art than computing. This is where our 25 years in publishing comes in.
You have to think of all of the possible search terms. the terms where you don’t want to show up for and tailor the adverts.
We also need to examine the web page your directing the clicks to. Check how google web spiders see that page and if need be adjust this. This part is what is called SEO.
As this is time consuming and multi-skilled it is normally an expensive process. It is important that this not be rushed or short cut. It would only lead to ineffective and more expensive adverts for which you would end up spending more or getting less of a raised profile for the cost.

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