One of our areas of expertise is Point of Sales software for restaurant use. One of the best we know of is iPad based POSiOS from a group in Belguin.

There are many ways of running a restaurant order and billing system. You can use paper and hand a duplicate to the kitchen. Keeping the other copy for the front of house staff to later add up and prepare the bill.

With that you might also use a good old fashioned till. Or you might go one further and use one the electronic systems with buttons for each item. The further you go down the line it can get expensive.

POSiOS - iPhone, iPad and iPad Miini
POSiOS works on the iPhone and both versions of the iPad

However there is a selection of iPad based software. Some of the America’s based system, at one point, had a problem with the European VAT structure. Some are self contained while others need the internet.

When the internet is involved is does mean there is an additional point of failure but there is also the advantage of having your figures stored a cloud. This means you can look at the information from another location such as home or head office.

POSiOS - Zhong Xu
One of the driving forces behind the POSiOS software Belgium based Zhong Xu whose family has a history supplying the conventional POS

POSiOS is one of the best and is cloud based. It produces orders for the kitchen, via a printer, keeps a record of what each table has ordered and at the end of the customer’s visit quickly produce the bill.

It can also go further an deal with stock levels although small restaurant may simply want to ignore that side as they have all that information in their heads!

As time has gone by this software has got better and better, it copes well with brief internet outages and the Belgium based company will listen to what customers need and introduce it in a later update if it is not already in place.

As it uses a cloud it means they can be subscription based rather than you having to buy the software up front. The UK pricing for one restaurant is between £39 and £55 per month, depending on the length of run of the subscription.

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